Law Firm Succession With Thomas Cuni (Ep.12)

Law Firm Succession With Thomas Cuni (Ep.12)

As a business owner, growing your law firm is one of your priorities. However, what happens when you’re ready to retire or sell your business, do you have a succession plan?

In this episode, Darren Wurz talks with Thomas Cuni from Cuni, Ferguson & LeVay Co., L.P.A. He discusses the importance of having a succession plan and why money isn’t everything when it comes to lawyers deciding when the right time to retire is. 

Thomas discusses:

  • The importance of having a succession plan in place
  • Why most firms might not survive after their founder leaves the business
  • How retirement planning and succession planning go hand in hand
  • Why selling your practice isn’t a retirement plan
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Thomas L. Cuni earned his law degree from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law. He was one of the founding partners of Cuni, Ferguson & Levay Co., LPA, where he currently serves as of counsel. His primary focus throughout most of his career has been the representation of small businesses, especially the formation of companies and purchase and sale of businesses. He has organized several hundred business entities and represented clients in the purchase and sale of more than 200 significant commercial real estate holdings. These skills and experiences led to his current work—helping law firm owners develop succession plans and successfully sell their practices.

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