From Courtroom to CEO with Brian LaBovick (Ep. 46)

From Courtroom to CEO with Brian LaBovick (Ep. 46)

Are you ready to be inspired by a true David vs. Goliath story? In the latest episode of The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast, Host Darren Wurz engages in an insightful conversation with Brian LaBovick, a warrior against injustice and a savvy business mind. Discover how his gritty childhood and disdain for bullies propelled him from fistfights to fighting insurance companies in the courtroom.

LaBovick’s tale isn’t just about success; it’s a masterclass in resilience and business acumen. Whether you’re a law firm owner navigating growth or an entrepreneur seeking financial freedom, there’s a wealth of experience to glean from Brian’s story.

LaBovick discusses:

  • How to overcome financial struggles and the temptation of lifestyle creep.
  • Community engagement and philanthropy as part of a business’s ethos.
  • Methods to strategically reduce expenses, manage debt, and judiciously leverage resources for the benefit of the firm’s progression.
  • Why you need to define your CORE values for business success.
  • An exclusive peek into the EOS system for maximizing meeting efficiency.



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About our guest:

Brian LaBovick is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has earned more than $400 million for his clients after establishing his injury law practice in 1991. As one of two students selected to the prestigious Order of the Barristers as the outstanding litigator in his class at the University of Miami, Brian was hired by the US Department of Justice Honors Graduate Program after graduation.

He is now CEO of the LaBovick Law Group, an advisory board member of Keiser University’s legal education division, a past president of the North Palm Beach County Bar Association, and former director of the Palm Beach County Justice Association.

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